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May has started doing dropshipping since 2015. A former real estate agent from 2010, she has struggled with work-life balance due to her heavy work commitments. In 2012, after giving birth to her first boy, she was determined to allocate more time for her family. In 2013,  she quit her full time job and began exploring making money online.

Despite spending a lot of time researching and spending thousands of dollars to learn from several mentors, she didn’t make any significant breakthrough until in 2015, after many trial-and-errors, she finally found the “holy grail” – Dropshipping that led to one of her 3 E-commerce stores to achieve $22,000 in sales within the first 3 months, clocking in over $3000 in profits each month. Her D.R.O.P. strategies continue to save her lots of costs and massively increase her online sales. She formulated all her Dropshipping knowledge into a comprehensive online course, The Ultimate Dropshipping Course which is suitable for any beginners to start with.

In 2019, May had another breakthrough when she was challenged to make $10k in 10 days. Using the same D.R.O.P strategies, she started with Drop Servicing and found it to be a even much more lucrative business as it grossed in 5 figures within a single month. She decided to pay it forward and published her Drop Servicing success formula into “The Ultimate Drop Servicing Course 2.0” Her tried-and-tested strategies can easily be applied by anyone, as evident in all the testimonials by her students.

May is often invited to speak in events to share her success journey stories that inspires many stay-at-home-mums and aspiring online entrepreneurs. She continues to give value actively though her Youtube channel and giving live trainings in her Facebook page.

Why Drop Servicing?


Now is the ideal time to start Drop Servicing business if your income is affected because online services are in demand right now. Many businesses and individuals are going virtual and we see a rise of demand in online services.

Find out how Drop Servicing works and why is it so important that you start this business right now!


Come with me behind the scenes to find out how I completed a Drop Servicing Challenge and made $5600 in just 6 days from $0 literally, and how I discovered Drop Servicing business from scratch with no money to landing a 4-figure contract with little effort and no advertising cost!

Explore how much I made every single day during the Drop Servicing Challenge!


3 most important aspect of the business:-
1) How a Drop Servicing website looks like
2) How much profit you can actually make
3) How many hours you need to work

Similar to the ecommerce dropshipping model, drop servicing is dealing with services. Discover how much exactly you can actually make even if you are just a beginner starting out your first deal!




Online Entrepreneur
I've enrolled in Ultimate Drop-Service course. Honestly I went through many courses, but most of them are useless and trying to sell u their course.. No value No nothing. But this drop-service course is the only course you need. Great contents, Valuable information and Straight to the point with Perfect price. The blueprint is crystal clear step by step.. Highly recommended 🙂

Colin Wang

Business Owner
May's training is the best. I am living proof that after joining her course i made money. This is true training. Not a gimmick. It really can make money. But with lots of hard work. It takes time. But it surely work. There are too many guru around over promising that you will make money but you end up losing. With May's training there is no overpromise. What you see is what you get. You will make money if you put in lots of effort. No overpromise, just honest hard work.

Benjamin Gan

Full-time National Serviceman
Went thru all her courses and had a few questions here and there but she didn’t waste any time to reply and answer my questions! Hence I was able to close a deal within 2-3 weeks. Didn’t have a good start but managed to pull thru with her help and able to make a profit of more than 100%! Highly recommended!

Ivan Zvonimir Matic

Director, Business Development
All you need to know about Drop Servicing is in this course. The modules are easy to follow which is very important with our shortened attention span nowadays. The content is very digestible and the actions are easy to implement. What is even more important - every step is demonstrated and backed up with example. Suitable for total beginners like I was.I combined this course with the Dropservicing 101 playlist on SupermomTV's Youtube channel (around 15 videos in total) and now I can say I have a really proficient understanding of the drop servicing business, although I never knew that a business like this exists before taking this course.Highly recommended!

Shannon Zann

Emcee, Actress, Entrepeneur
OMG, i had my first sale in 2 days, and i only had 1 listing!! definitely wasn't expecting it!thank you so much May for your help, always so patiently answering my questions. can't imagine how many people you have to reply to the same questions! 😅never really thought this could work, but this is indeed possible! and your price is unmatched seriously.looking forward to getting your new course!!

Kenneth Choo

Founder, Mother Industralist
Yes I made my first sales on the 7th day after finishing May’s Ultimate Dropshipping course! It really works and I cannot believe my eyes. Her course is really easy to understand and her 5S make it simple to follow too! Just have to trust her process and what she tell you to do. Just follow and don’t doubt! May is also very patient in answering my questions too.Now I’m so excited now! I’m going to repeat her steps again and get more sales!Thanks May once again ☺️🙏🏻

Aud Leong

Had enrolled to May’s course and i found the course friendly with May’s step by step guide and tips to follow. May is also very prompt in replying to my questions.Had my first sales after my 7th listing and within a week of listing. Will be pressing forward and looking for more future sales. Thanks May for ur great n friendly course and your prompt replies which had helped me in achieving my first sales!"

Wendy Tong


I followed May's strategies and tried listing just one service on Carousel. In 3 days, I've received 6 sales and it's been keeping me busy. If you've been wanting to find ways to generate an income, do consider taking up dropservicing which does not require any startup capital or skills at all.


Keenbie Kok


May, absolutely supportive and a good mentor. I’ve signed up the drop service course 3 weeks ago and things escalate so quickly. I’ve got few lead and close a big order within 2 week. I’ve turn to May to ask for further advice. Client wanted a company profile video. May and I, did collaboration for the filming and editing services. Everything went smoothly.

I’m so delighted as this is my first earning after I quit my job as stay-home-mum for 4 years. I will highly recommend this course and no regret to learn a new passive income. Thank You May ❤️


Felomena Noohu


She is very detailed and honest. I highly recommend those you are keen in making side income.


Denny Png

Have provided us a comprehensive course content & explanation of the fundamental concept of Ebay Drop Shipping. You have eliminated those earlier trial & error through your 5 years experiences & also provided us the 5 Steps proven formula to follow closely on it. I am encouraged how you have successfully make a profitable income over the years on this platform & are laying this foundation to coach us on it. It's worthwhile to learn from you & could build a credible income from it. It's simple to follow & I just diligently take massive action to pursue this interest. Grateful to Coach May! 


Erica Tvyn

Business Owner
Very pleased to have signed up with this course. It's very clear and simple to follow. Can't even believe I've made my 1st sale on the 2nd day!!! And I've been constantly active and making $$$ ever since! Thank you very much May! I highly recommend signing up this course!

Lee How Chew

Food Vlogger
Thanks May for having such a great course to enable me pick up the knowledge of drop shipping from zero. The course cover not only the business knowledge but also step by step in practical way including setup your own store. Nonetheless you also always try your best to address my question whenever I face a problem to understand the study material. Sincerely appreciate for your help and also selflessness sharing (e.g. YouTube tips) from time to time. Thank you!

Melvin Tan

Project Consultant
Enrolled in May's course recently! Was clueless  before I started this course, but May's knowledge and teaching (so far) has convinced me that this business model is worth looking at.Having a model where a user does not need to hold stock sounds really viable, and you can earn a good profit along the way. You can be sure that her course is worth the pick up if you are interested in following this business model. She knows what she is saying and is very genuine in delivering her tips and know-how to her students.If you are interested or are curious about it, pick up her course! If you want a viable side income, do consider this option!

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