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The Art Of Sell Without Selling With TikTok Videos

Are You Hooked On TikTok?


Constantly glued to your TikTok feed, scrolling endlessly...

wishing there was a way to turn that time into something more meaningful?

What if I told you that your TikTok obsession could be your pathway to a profitable online business?

I used to be the same 2 years ago, using TikTok for entertainment purposes...

BUT, after discovering the power of TikTok for business, I transformed my passion into...

NOT JUST 1 BUT 3 streams of online income

all built on ONE platform...TIKTOK!

For 2 years of constant testing, I've developed the V.I.R.A.L system that has enabled me to achieve 6-figures of online income

Now, I'm dedicated to empowering you to achieve the same in my upcoming TikTok Cash Creator Masterclass.

Join me and learn the strategies that have helped me and others turn TikTok into lucrative income streams!

How Has The V.I.R.A.L System Impacted Others...


Hey there, I'm May...

I am an experienced online business coach who has helped countless entrepreneurs succeed in the digital world.

With over 10 years of experience in online business and a deep understanding of digital marketing, I have built a reputation for delivering outstanding results.

In fact, I am well-known for winning the "Make $10,000 in 10 Days Challenge" - a testament to my expertise in online business and digital marketing.

After starting my first online business in 2015 and achieving $22,000 in the first 3 months, I realized the power of digital marketing and developed proven online business systems to help others achieve similar success.

Today, I am not only an accomplished online business coach but also a 6-figures online business owner who runs 2 successful online businesses.

I constantly keep up-to-date with digital marketing trends and for this reason, I started testing out TikTok as a business marketing tool in 2022. I managed to make an additional $50,000 purely from TikTok with very little marketing cost (as low as $100) after implementing my VIRAL system on my TikTok business.

Whether you're looking to start a new online business, optimize an existing one, or scale your operations, I have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. With my proven online business systems and hands-on guidance, I can help you build a successful online business that generates the income and freedom you desire.

What My Students Say About Me...

photo_2023-04-28 21.02.35

Susan Goh - Small Business Owner

Highly Recommended TikTok Course

"I recently took a TikTok course conducted by May, and I was impressed by her extensive knowledge. I learned so much from her, particularly about her V.I.R.A.L system. May's teaching style was engaging and she was open to sharing with us and answer any questions we had. The course was well-structured, and May provided us with many practical tips and tricks that I could apply immediately to my TikTok account. Additionally, I appreciated having access to a Facebook group where I could openly ask questions and connect with other learners, as well as May's direct contact for more specific questions pertaining to my TikTok account.

Overall, I would highly recommend this TikTok course to anyone who is new to TikTok or looking to improve their skills and grow their audience, regardless of their level of experience. After completing the course, I feel more confident and excited about creating TikTok content, and I am eager to see the positive outcomes of implementing the knowledge and skills I have gained"


Hidayat Shariff - Property Agent

More confident to bring my business to TikTok!

"May share great valuable insights on how to better tackle the TikTok space, with proper hashtags, ideation, and concepts! I highly recommend her “Tiktok Domination” course for anybody and any businesses! I am more confident to bring my business to TikTok now thanks to her !"

Wesley Toh

Wesley Toh - Property Agent

Strategies & methods have been proven to work!

"Attended May's TikTok seminar and a lot of applicable knowledge has been imparted. A lot of hands-on activities made it very easy to learn on the spot and see the actual results from what I learnt. The strategies and methods she teaches have been proven to work. The pace of the course is just right and we advance day by day to become better and improve as we go through the course. I'm happy to have learnt so much through this seminar and would recommend it to anyone new to creating content on TikTok."

Gabriel Lim

Gabriel Lim - Property Agent

This course caused a paradigm shift

"Wow, this course caused a paradigm shift in the way I’ve approached TikTok as an income-generating asset. I’ve learned that the social media platform is heavily underutilized. In our hyper-competitive environment in the real estate industry, we have to fight for our viewer’s attention through various means. This means we’re carefully crafted to help bring in leads, but more importantly, the conversion we ultimately need. Thanks, May!"



Keenbie Kok - Small Business Owner

Excellent Coach!

"I truly enjoyed this course. I appreciated how much effort that May has put together all the information needed for TikTok beginner even intermediate TikToker for the class. She is very knowledgeable and willing to answer all the questions as the came up and provided us hands on training during live. Even after the entire course, she throw another 30 days challenge to make sure we put actions to start tiktok video. She also give her sincere opinion on each video that posted. Thank you May. You are always my excellent coach!"

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