I create many video contents for my online business, website, Youtube, video advertisements and other social media content. One of the handy resource that i use a lot is stock videos and footages. It help me tremendously for my video creation and video marketing because i often use these stock footages as b-rolls. Find out what are the benefits of using stock videos for your video marketing needs in today’s video. I will be sharing 2 websites that i use very often to get these high quality and HD stock videos for FREE! There won’t be any attribution needed and 100% no copyright so that you can use these stock videos with a peace of mind. You can use them for personal and commercial use. One type of footage that are very tough to create is the drone footage and the 2 websites that you can get your free stock footages includes hundreds of amazing HD drone footages! These resources are going to be a game changer for any video creators out there!

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