If you just decided to start a side hustle or even making a living by earning money online on social media, then what you WANT now, is to stop whatever you’re doing, grab a coffee and learn about the best and most effective ways to accomplish your dream.

Although most social media sites pretty much resemble in this area, YouTube stays the most relevant and stable one, which is why we are going to take it as an example for a list, from which you can learn how to get paid on YouTube and how much money do YouTubers make.

Best Methods to Earn Money on Youtube

The traditional way of making money on YouTube is from the views you get on a monthly basis.

However, this kind of monetization can only be reached when you hit 10,000 views overall, moreover, even if you get to that point, there are other more profitable paths to take into consideration:

Affiliate marketing, Create and sell products, Ads and promotions, Create a brand with YouTube

Being an affiliate on YouTube basically means that you get a personal product link from a company, make a video where you promote and talk about the product and put the link anywhere in the video.

When a viewer is interested, clicks on your link and decides to buy that or any other product, you get a commission of that pay.

Commissions usually vary from 4% to 12%. This means that if someone buys a 100$ product from your link and the commisison value is 10% then you get 10$ out of that one single sale.

If you don’t know where to start with this link, the largest and easiest programs to work with are Amazon Affiliates and ClickBank.

Let’s say you are not interested in selling other’s products or have an idea of your own, what are you waiting for? Having your own confection means you get 100% of the money and you only work for yourself. Most products you can create online are courses, ebooks, music songs or apps. After finishing and optimizing it, YouTube gives you various ways to promote them and make people buy them.

Probably the most common type of monetization is ad revenue. The process is simple, you activate and place ads throughout your screen time and get good amounts of money, a good anology to give you, for 500 views you get 4,20$ only from ad revenue

Just like we’ve talked before, YouTube is perhaps the best choice of advertising yourself, which means if you invest in creating a brand, this is the right platform to promote it and excel in.

Whatever you are doing or creating, making videos and ranking them high will guarantee you an audience and traffic, whether you build that brand on website, blog or anywhere else.

How Much Does Youtube Pay

YouTubers make amounts of money depending on the way they monetize their channel.

With that being said, Google pays 68% of Google AdSense which means the content creator gets only 68% from the advertising payment. The average percentage rate of earning for advertising is 0.18$ per view. This means the common channel makes 180 dollars per 10,000 views which highly surpasses the 30-50 dollar coming from the same amount of views but without ads.

In rest, depends on you how much you get on the type of monetization you have chosen.

Now that you know several ways to make money not just on YouTube but on social media in general, just pick a path and make your dream come true.

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