When i first started out running Drop servicing business, i discovered a few very helpful online tools that helped me in several expects eg. design works, social media marketing, files transfer, simple video editing, order fulfilment and many more. So, in today’s video, i’m going to share my Top 5 FREE Online Tools For Drop Servicing business. These free online tools are a big help for my daily task when i’m working on my Drop servicing business. I use them on a daily basis and it saves me a lot of time and money. I will be sharing FREE tools that help in file transfer, removing watermark from video, adding watermark to your portfolio and many more! Online tools / Apps mentioned:- 1. canva.com 2. pixabay.com 3. pexels.com 4. lumen5.com 5. wetransfer.com 6. videoleap by enlight (mobile app)

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